AND Pastel

AND Pastel

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Client: Anadolu Group

Architect: HPP International

Size: 3.87 hectares

Status: completed 2020

Award: European Property Award 2016 for Best Residential Landscape in Turkey



A new development in the expanding Kartal district on the Asian side of Istanbul offers a master-planned community of mixed uses. The district itself has a history of light industrial use and manufacturing that is moving away to the urban periphery, allowing housing to reinvent the vacated sites. In its goal to revitalize the post-industrial area, AND Pastel raises the bar for the exterior design of housing development and connectivity becomes the key principle of design whether visually, spatially or experientially.

A fluid, organic and picturesque landscape design has been proposed that will engulf the whole property that directly relates to the adjacent parkland to promote a cohesive outdoor experience. AND Pastel raises the bar for the exterior design of a housing development, where connectivity becomes the key principle expressed whether visually, spatially or experientially.

One of the highest priorities was to create neighbourhoods with communication between the residents. A C-shaped apartment block that creates internal courtyards was selected for its inclusive yet not totally enclosed character. Each apartment block has a shared commons for its own use that also partakes of a larger shared landscape garden space.

Three basic courtyard space schemes appear as interposed outdoor rooms made of brick walls of varying heights, offering programmable space for outdoor use areas. A park-like landscape forms a cohesive fabric that unites the design and into which the courtyard spaces are embedded. A major feature is a water element that flows through the entire site, connecting the three courtyard spaces nad defines and integrates them like a ribbon, tying the whole site design together.

Other moments in the design emphasize special attention to areas that require their own unique design response. The public streetscape and public/private squares exemplify this. Where the masterplan had originally designated a grand staircase in the main square, MSP’s final design gives it a distinct character, texture and embellishment. Whereas the temporal forest of Istanbul offered inspiration for the main body of the courtyard landscape design, especially as it incorporates native or adapted species for local climate, the MSP’s streetscapes offer a more Mediterranean plant palette to achieve greater refinement.