Delano Hotel, Miami Beach, FL, USA

Location: Miami Beach, FL, USA
Client: Morgan Hotel Group
Architect: Philippe Starck
Status: Completed 1995

Delano South Beach Hotel with its simple, crisp clean and modern sense of ease reinvented South Beach hotel design. The landscape associated with the renovations to this existing hotel complement and reinforce the playful, elegant and chic public spaces that permeate this luxury abode. The garden is structured by thirty foot tall Washingtonia Palm Trees on a grand lawn carpet inter-planted with a citrus grove under which guests can relax in the cool shaded recesses as they look out towards the glimmering blue swimming pool that runs the length of the site to the beach. The stretch of garden and pool are connected to the upper level hotel patio via a strong and sculptural staircase that interlaces the lawn with paved material of the treads. Geometrically arranged on the steps are placed a series of large clay pots brimming over with flowering, draping plants that ornament this passage and link between building, patio and garden below that advances to pool and then the sea.