Hot Pot Master Garden, Chongqing, China

Location: Chongqing, China
Client: Chongqing Daily Press Group
Photographer: Arch-Exist
Size: 508 square meters
Status: completed 2019

Hot Pot has been a long-adored event in Chongqing and China. Across Chongqing, over 20,000 Hot Pot restaurants exist, and one in 30 citizens works in a job that is related to the hot pot. The ritual of sitting together at a Hot Pot table is something special that is shared between close friends and families. The Hot Pot is a symbol of Chongqing and our garden celebrates this tradition in a way that looks forward to celebrating Chongqing’s future as a three-dimensional magic city.

A quarter of global carbon emissions come from food production. The rising in global temperature is bringing increasing pressures on fertile soil thus jeopardizing food security for the planet. Human affect more than 70% of ice-free land and a quarter of which is already degraded, while the soil degradation in turn has a direct impact on the amount of carbon the earth can contain. Although 830 million people are undernourished around the world, up to 30% of food is lost or wasted. Under such circumstances, Hot Pot is a rather smart and eco-friendly food. Hot Pot turns food material that are usually wasted, such as animal organs, into delicious and nutritious meal, reducing food waste and resulting greenhouse emissions from all sectors. Hot Pot is also adaptive to changing climate as it will still be delicious if food supply and diet structure changes in the future.

MSP’s design for the Hot Pot Master Garden at the Upper Yangtze River City Flower Art Expo Master Garden consists of nine rooms that represent nine common ingredients in the Chongqing Hot Pot: duck intestine, yellow throat, chili pepper, Sichuan pepper, butter, blood curd, garlic, spices, and enoki mushroom. Each room is designed to be an immersive experience, being able to inhabit that hot pot and soak in its colors, texture and fragrances.

Together, these rooms combine to become a unified garden of curiosities. Each room becomes a place to explore and discover. The Hot Pot is not just a dish. It is a gathering, it is an event, it is an icon of the region. This tradition is celebrated in our design and pushed forward using an array of innovative technologies to fabricate the garden itself. The Hot Pot Master Garden honors Chongqing and creates a special event around something that the people truly love.