Hudayriyat Island Masterplan, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Hudayriyat Island Masterplan

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Client: Modon Properties

Architect: CBT Architects

Size: 3,700 hectares

Status: Detailed Masterplan Completed (2019)


MSP was called upon to create the master plan for Abu Dhabi’s newest island community. Hudayriyat Island will offer a vision for this modern city that will provide both distinguished residential options and myriad social diversions to increase the city’s status as a top tourism and recreation destination in the Middle East.

For a city to achieve sustainability, the landscape must be considered an important piece of green infrastructure, necessary to support human connectivity and natural systems. A connected urban greenway is proposed for the site to create a buffer between neighborhoods and a seamless network of parkland for the island.

The island will be defined by a series of articulated districts, bounded by a large-scale greenway that will serve both as open parkland and buffer between various neighborhoods. While roadways will be restricted to limit the visual impact and disturbance generated by vehicular traffic, a connective network of bikeways and pedestrian walkways will allow users to easily transition from one zone to the other.

Mixed-use developments are situated at the heart of each district, each defined by signature architecture and planting palettes to visually identify one area from the next. The exclusive villas, lush plants and waterfront access of the western end of the island will be demarcated by a new canal that will provide easy passage from the mainland. Dramatic seaside views at the beachfront resorts of the southern shore will be framed by palm trees and grasses, softly blowing on breezes fragrant with perpetually flowering oleander. Conveniently located off of the primary access parkway from the mainland, a large-scale retail district will showcase a wealth of shopping opportunities, distinguished by a series of sunken gardens that offer cooler microclimates, shade and respite for clientele.