Jeju Dream Tower

Jeju Dream Tower

Location: Jeju, South Korea

Client: Greenland Center, Lotte Tour Development

Size: 18,000 square meters

Status: Completed 2021

An original and spectacular design has been created for the Dream Tower to attract people to the public plaza where they will experience a new urban landmark. An oval design concept and elaboration was abstracted from the naturally occurring volcanic craters of the local Jeju geology that draws tourists to the island each year.

The interpretation of the elliptical “crater” formations into outdoor elements such as stacked seatings, water features, planter boundaries and focal points for gathering manifest throughout the public and semi-private areas. These ovoid elements form an integrated, flexible design language, creating a plethora of unique opportunities placed on the undulating stepped terraces that transition the dramatic grade difference from the building edge to sidewalk level. One oval, stacked sculptural feature echoes the stepped edge of the water pool and gradually emerges out of it. In another area, a series of staggered, rippling slabs move vertically to create a mountainous form upon which water can play.

A zig-zag language forms a counterpoint to these elliptical patterns and is employed in the horizontal wave paving pattern on the ground. Staggered vertical slabs that repeat this zig-zag language are used to forma a fountain that both displays and engages with water. Furthering the volcanic abstraction, dark chocolate-colored lava stones combined with tangerine orange, gold, and yellow colored glass mosaic tiles are utilized throughout the design to create an iconic image for Dream Tower that reflects Jeju Island’s particular identity.