Leamouth Peninsula, London, UK

Location: London, UK
Client: Ballymore Properties
Size: 4.7 hectares
Status: Completed 2008
Awards: Chicago Athenaeum Award for Best New Global Design 2007

The vision for the Leamouth Peninsula rises to the challenge of providing new housing in East London.  Our goal is to transform the derelict landscape at the gateway to the Lower Lea Valley into a stunning, unique space. The landscape design for the site draws inspiration from the proposed architecture and the irregular layout of an Italian hill-town. We choreograph a journey through a series of distinct spaces, each space providing a different quality of experience for both residents and visitors to Leamouth Peninsula North. Surprise and play are key elements for Leamouth North, creating a place which has a strong identity and sense of place.

Leamouth Peninsula is a unique development that offers great quality of life to all its residents and adds a very valuable space that benefits the larger Canning Town community. It will play a vital role in the regeneration of Lower Lea Valley. Over 60% of Leamouth is public open space and the buildings and the landscape are strongly connected, establishing a strong sense of place in an environment that previously lacked any identifiable identity. A sequence of new public open spaces is linked with an angled route that is well articulated and activated. The open spaces are fully accessible and have been designed and arranged to produce an exciting and varied experience.

The new bridge connection and the continuous waterfront promenade greatly improve linkages to the surrounding area. Since the entire perimeter of the site is publicly accessible, the Lea Valley Park trail is completed along the river’s edge. The different character of the key spaces allows for a variety of uses. The open spaces cater to people of all ages, and there is constant activity generated by the movement of the residents, the school and the community centre. The cultural centre, restaurants, bars and commercial activity is an additional attraction within the development. Private amenity spaces are provided for the residents wherever possible, fostering within the community a strong relationship to open space.