Lulu Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Client: Sorough Real Estate
Architect: Arquitectonica International
Size: 574 hectares
Status: Completed 2006

Martha Schwartz Partners and Arquitectonica International have worked together to produce a Master Plan for Lulu Island in Abu Dhabi. The Landscape and Open Space Plan for Lulu Island is designed to be distinctive and unique, yet responsive to its site and context. The plan, including elements such as the animated civic connection of the “Wadi Walk” and the large sculptural Central Park will bring the attention of the world to Lulu Island and will thus enhance both the experience of the island and its value to the people of Abu Dhabi. The civic, cultural, and recreational programs along the Wadi Walk have been organized into groups or “campuses” of compatible uses so that the diversity of activities can benefit one another. The specific design of the landscape and open space plan is driven by the following objectives:

  • create a destination and landmark environment for Abu Dhabi
  • create a variety of enjoyable environments in which to live and recreate
  • create attractive landscape environments that will enhance property value
  • create a new typology for living environments in the Middle East that puts the environment and landscape at the forefront by respecting the natural environment and emphasizing sustainable design.
  • integrate quality open space within the architecture and infrastructure programs
  • introduce a more thoroughly integrated land-water relationship
  • provide a “Central Park” — a public landscape for all to enjoy that enriches the lives of Lulu Island inhabitants, Abu Dhabi residents, UAE citizens as well as visitors.
  • set a new standard for development in the UAE

The civic, cultural, and recreational components of Lulu Island will contribute to the success of the island as a destination, benefiting the island’s retail, hotel, and commercial sectors. Branding the island as a civic, cultural, and recreational venue will make it a destination for local and regional visitors, as well as for international tourism. Attractive program components will also enhance the quality of life on the island, making it a preferred residential location and thereby increasing the value of the island’s retail and hotel properties.