Place de la République, Paris, France

Location: France, Paris
Client: City of Paris, Highways Department
Architects: TVK Architectes Urbanistes
Associate Landscape Architect: AREAL
Size: 3. 3 hectares
Status: Completed 2013

Once a vibrant and active urban plaza, the Place de la République plaza has recently been crushed by the demands of modern mobility. Each day the site hosts over 114,000 subway commuters and a complicated array of tourist buses, parked taxis, cyclists, car traffic, municipal bus routes, which have reduced it to a congested, fractured, and unsafe transitional space that has lost its local character and urban significance.

Our team’s proposal restores the civic relevance to the plaza by improving its ability to sustain a moving population, while providing a reason to linger to a non-moving one. By unifying the disparate parts of the site and redirecting vehicular traffic away and around the central core, we have reclaimed a large functional surface that can support a range of activities and urban programs. Everything is designed for maximum. Embedded infrastructure and variable spatial arrangements allow the plaza to seamlessly transition from urban boulevard to weekend market to evening market to Christmas market from rock concert to film fes¬tival to summer festival to winter ice-skating rink. Residents, commuters and tourists will be able to return day after day, year after year looking for new ways to experience the space and to relive old ones.

This is a sustainable city space. A space that continues to support the needs of an ever-changing urban population, that is endlessly adaptable, that integrates evolving urban transportation demands, and that continues to provide wonderful experiences to its visitors.