Vienna North Hospital, Vienna, Austria

Location: Vienna, Austria
Client: Wiener Krankenhausanstalten Verbund
Architect: Atelier Albert Wimmer
Associate Landscape Architect: 3:0 Landschaftsarchitektur
Photographer: Rudolph Steiner
Size: 129,000 square meters
Status: completed 2018
Awards: Design and Health International Academy Award 2017 (International Healthcare Project, Salutogenic Design Project and Sustainable Urban and Built Environment categories)

The Landscape Master Plan for the public Vienna North Hospital is composed of three primary areas: a restorative park, a public urban plaza, and a vehicular drop off and emergency service area. A parallel linear paving pattern seamlessly connects the variety of program areas within the plaza: a main entry sub-plaza, outdoor cafes, a train station and associated sub-plaza, hotel and conference outdoor spill out spaces, and other circulation spaces. The pattern significantly bends and splits in front of the hospital’s main entry, helping to direct pedestrian traffic.

The park design blends the boundary between interior and exterior with a linear system that extends from inside the hospital building into series of therapeutic gardens, lawns, meadows, and water bodies that serve a vital role in the patient healing processes. Water is the primary connective element of the proposal as architecturally defined, serene, sunken interior gardens become a series of wetland surrounded pools that are an essential part of the site’s storm water management system.

On either side of the water’s riparian edges, flowering meadows, odiferous herb gardens, and therapeutic gardens heighten one’s sensory experience of the landscape. Native Pannonian meadows and mown lawns are wide landscape strips between these gardens.

Four glass house structures in the middle of these strips are citrus-filled winter gardens. Like the water, these winter gardens mark a significant connection between the hospital interior and garden exterior. They are positive volumes that are aligned with the hospital’s atria voids.