Whitewater Shopping Centre, Newbridge, Ireland

Location: Newbridge, Ireland
Client: Whitewater Shopping Centre
Architect: Henry J. Lyons & Partners
Size: 60,000 square feet
Status: Completed 2006

Whitewater Shopping Centre in Newbridge, Ireland provides both retail shopping and residential components. One area of the mall called The Avenue is lined with high end women’s shops. In the Landscape Design for the mall, Martha Schwartz Partners provides pedestrian scale way-finding, and upscale ambiance for shoppers. The landscape design concept centers on various references to an historic brook that formerly ran through the site. Metaphorically, in the form of a water feature, this brook still flows through Whitewater Mall appearing along and in various pedestrian areas.

Reinforcing the brook metaphor are stepping stone paving patterns on the floor that become three dimensional as they “step” into the brook water feature. At the back of the water feature stands a glowing, backlit green glass wall with water flowing down its face. The backlit wall is flanked with “living planted walls.” Blue canopies that glow at night float along the pedestrian walkways giving scale, shelter, and shade to shoppers as well as endowing the Centre with a clear image.